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Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: Rover Parking.Opens in a new tab.

Would you share your driveway with someone you didn't know? Rover Parking is challenging the way we look at the shared economy and the parking industry. Graduating from our recent Toronto program, founder Tim Wootton is now taking Rover Parking to the next level at our Global Accelerator in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG – INFINITI LAB 3.0 recently concluded its nine-week program with a successful Demo Day held at Loft 22, Central in Hong Kong.

INFINITI LAB empowers ambitious startups to reach their full potential. The program finds driven disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs and supports them as they turn ideas into action. INFINITI LAB 3.0 opened with a thought-proving speech by renowned Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson about the future consumer journey. Following this, seven startups pitched their business to more than 100 investors and key retail partners, in hope of securing partnerships and funding to propel their businesses to the next phase.

Among the investors and partners were retail companies like DFS, Nielsen, Hysan, Shanghai Tang and Bluebell Group that attended to learn about the startups' innovative solutions designed to enhance the Future Consumer Journey.
The event also attracted high-quality print and broadcast media interest. Dane Fisher was interviewed by Bloomberg Radio live before the event. Listen hereOpens in a new tab..
As a result of Demo Day, Thinqs validated its online-to-offline search model in the Asian market and gained interest from a number of Hong Kong retailers.

Additionally, actiMirror and Rover Parking have secured investment funding connections, and Rover Parking is in discussion to partner with INFINITI to expand their parking network in Canada.

Cove is in negotiation with property developers in Hong Kong to launch a pilot together with INFINITI using our vehicles to provide a shared mobility solution; while both Synapbox and Wyzerr have already piloted their products within INFINITI and have developed global service packages to attract wider corporate partnerships.

Manomotion has partnered with V777 (an INFINITI LAB 2.0 alumni startup) to develop a revolutionary prototype – combining advanced hand gesture recognition with Virtual Reality to create a concept for the future of digital showrooms. V777 technology was used at INFINITI's all new QX50 global unveil in Los Angeles. Manomotion is also in discussion to explore longer-term product collaboration with INFINITI.

Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: Thinqs.Opens in a new tab.

Meet our next startup Thinqs who are creating a seamless online to offline shopping experience. CEO Cheng De Yu explains how they make it easy to connect customers directly to products.

Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: ActiMirror.Opens in a new tab.

Smart watches, smart phones, and now the smart mirror. Fulvio Riva from ActiMirror explains how they are repurposing the mirror to collect data and enhance customer experience.

Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: COVE.Opens in a new tab.

How is carsharing going to change the future consumer? XT Khaw emphasizes how ideas like COVE can innovate the transportation sector.

Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: Synapbox.Opens in a new tab.

A picture says a thousand words. Synapbox is using facial recognition technology to help retailers understand consumers beyond what they are saying verbally. Find out more from Francisco Marin, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: Wyzerr.Opens in a new tab.

Who says consumer research has to be boring? Meet our next startup Wyzerr who create playful, immersive surveys to collect powerful data and insights. Hear more from Corey Ealy.

Watch INFINITI LAB 3.0 - Meet the Founders: Manomotion.Opens in a new tab.

First mouse and keyboard, then touchscreen, and now 3D hand gestures. Find out how Manomotion is reimagining the use of gestures and changing the world of AR.

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