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Peter Wendel is manager of product planning at INFINITI Canada, a position to which he was appointed in September of 2015. In this role, Wendel is responsible for planning future products and ensuring they are best equipped for the Canadian market. Wendel also oversees pricing strategy for INFINITI vehicles, accessories for INFINITI vehicles, and competitive market intelligence/analysis.

Prior to joining INFINITI in 2015, Wendel held product planning and progressive marketing roles at Subaru Canada. With over eight years of experience in product planning, Wendel has expert-level understanding of the automotive industry in general, and notably the evolution of technology, both in-vehicle and powertrain advancements. Wendel is passionate about cars and motorsport in general. He even built himself his own full motion racing simulator that he set up in his basement.

Wendel holds a bachelor of commerce in Finance and Marketing from McMaster University

Peter Wendel can speak to the following topics:

  • His career in the automotive industry
  • Adapting products to the Canadian market
  • Deep-dive into INFINITI current models
  • INFINITI's VC-Turbo engine, the world's first production VC ratio engine
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